Renee Dávid’s Stunning Southern Ceremony

By: Sarah Ramsey

We are ecstatic to introduce Azarue’s Bride, Renee Dávid, this week! Everything about her wedding from the venue, to the food, to her exquisite Azarue’s gown was straight out of a fairytale.


Renee and her husband Carl, first met at Superior Bar and Grill in May of 2018, but had coincidentally crossed paths many times throughout their lives without even knowing. Renee had known Carl’s family for twenty-six years, was college roommates with his cousin, and they
even attended the same middle school for a year. One would say they were destined to be together after crossing paths so many times.
When they finally met, they instantly felt the spark. After a few weeks of texting and phone calls, Renee planned a weekend trip to visit Carl in New Orleans. They spent the weekend doing all things fun which included a deep sea fishing trip. They have been inseparable
ever since.

In the fall of 2018, Carl proposed at his home in New Orleans. “It was just the two of us,” Renee said, “He was so heartfelt and romantic. It was perfect!”

It was time to start wedding planning!

Renee envisioned a classy, southern charm wedding and wanted a gown to match. She headed over to our bridal salon, and after trying on only five or six dresses, she knew she had found THE one. “I knew it was the one by the way it made me feel,” Renee said, “Even my stylist and friends saw a change in my body language when I found MY dress.” She loved the shapely fit and the intricate lace details throughout the entire gown.

Renee’s classy gown matched her venue perfectly. The wedding was held at Houmas House and Gardens, a stunning plantation in South Louisiana. “I loved the feeling of our venue.
We were on a plantation, but it felt like home,” Renee said.
Renee found inspiration for planning the wedding of her dreams through Southern bridal magazines and, of course, Pinterest.

The day finally came for Renee and Carl to tie the knot on May 25, 2019. When asked to describe her wedding in one word, Renee said the day was, “FABULOUS!”
The two had more than just a ceremony; they had a celebration spanning the whole weekend. Their immediate family stayed on the plantation with them from Friday through Sunday. “We treated our guests to dinners, music, skeet shooting, cotton candy with champagne
on the plantation balcony, a lady’s brunch, and endless glasses of champagne and bacon at midnight!” Renee said.

The whole weekend was phenomenal, but nothing beats walking down the aisle and seeing your fiancé for the first time. For Renee, that was one of the most special moments of the whole celebration.

Another moment she will never forget was walking with her bridal party to line up for the ceremony. “The guests did not know we were walking and I could see everyone on the front lawn visiting and enjoying themselves,” Renee said, “I just thought about how Carl
and I were loved by all who joined us that day.”

Another favorite memory of Renee’s was her and Carl’s first dance. Carl chose Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight” for them to dance to. “Sinatra is Carl’s favorite artist and he felt the song was fitting for me on our wedding day,” Renee said. So sweet!

I would say Renee planned what most would definitely call a dream wedding. When asked what her advice would be for future brides planning their special day, Renee said, “SERIOUSLY DO NOT SWEAT IT! Things will go wrong, but just relax and regroup and it will work out.” Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the best days of your life after all.

As far as dress shopping goes, Renee said, “Have fun! Don’t panic if the first dress isn’t THE dress. Also, don’t be afraid to try a different style or fit than you originally envisioned.” Renee said her Azarue’s experience was wonderful! Her stylist, Chelsea, chose gowns for
her to try that were exactly what she wanted. “It was fun for me and my guests. My stylist made me feel calm and comfortable the entire time.”

Congratulations Renee! The Azarue’s team wishes you and Carl a lifetime of love and happiness! ♥


Dress: Azarue’s Bridal and Formal
Makeup: Deborah Dávid
Hair: Deborah Dávid
Photographer: Studio Tran Photography
Venue: Houmas House and Gardens
Florist: Billy Heromans
Caterer: Houmas House and Gardens
Cake: Bittersweet Confections